You are a great warrior on Atys?
Then come participate in my melee tournaments balanced!
Everyone can participate (all races, all worship) provided by the rules below.

Rules of a tournament

Be fair-play!
The registration costs 300K dappers by tournament.
The player must be able to wear a heavy equipment Q250 (weapon and armor).
This equipment is supplied and must be returned at the end of the tournament.
The player has to come without jewels.
The player has to come dressed in a pants (or dress) and of a light vest only.
(The dresses of faction are not authorized)
The player has to have in his bag 2 tp maximum and nothing more (no flower, egg, token, etc.).
The player has to deactivate his tag PVP.
The player chooses a single weapon and cannot change it during a tournament.
The player must be able to take 457 MP to participate.
All the stanzas are authorized (wear, aim, invulnerability, self heal, etc.).
It is forbidden to enchant weapons!
It is useless to use Aura! (no effect in duel)
It is forbidden to use consumable objects! (items of occupation)
It is forbidden to use the speed!
It is forbidden to turn around the opponent!
2 players who fight have to face itself and stay in the contact.
(It is possible to move back in case of invulnerability only)
The player has to wear the heavy armor in full.

A player who does not respect rules is systematically disqualified!

Progress of a tournament

The rough duration of a tournament is of 2 hours IRL.
A player is a member of a group of 8 with 1 judge as team leader.
A player makes a total of 7 fights during a tournament.
A fight takes place in 2 winning duels.
A fight is played in 2 winning duels.
When the judge announces a fight, 2 players take place and begin immediately the first duel.
Only the judge is authorized to heal a player!
The judge waits 10 seconds at the end from the fight to let the bleeding make his effect.
In case of double KO, the duel does not matter, he must be replayed.
The judge makes an exchange with the winner to validate the duel.
If the winner does not present his 457 MP and his 2 light parts, then he is disqualified!

Attribution of points

3 pts in case of victory
1 pt in case of defeat 1-2
0 pt in case of defeat 0-2

In case of disqualification

A disqualified player is considered as losing on all his fights (0 pt).
His opponent wins by default automatically (3 pts).


You can join on the forum IG, by email IG or by sending an email to the following address: contact@misulud.fr

The player has to supply the following information:

  • The name of the tournament
  • The name of the character
  • The race of the character
  • The chosen weapon (see equipment)

If an information is missing, the inscription will not be taken into account.

Useful information

All the tournaments take place to Dyron.
Each player has to go to the materials merchant to get back his 457 MP against 300K dappers.
He will go to see then Lusima (my assistant) on the lakeside to get back his heavy equipment.

Good luck Clin d'œil